The Ministry & Vision

Across America, right now thousands of teens, pre-teens, and young adults are incarcerated in public detention centers. Surrounded by churches and professing Christians, there are youth who have little contact with the outside world, and little or no reason to hope for a better future. While some come from loving and caring families many are simply repeating the same cycle of crime and addiction they have seen play out so many times in their families.

In 2018, Cody and Rebecca Sellers, the founders of Abundant Grace Youth Ministries, stepped into a public juvenile detention center for the first time, and they were impressed with the enormity of the spiritual and emotional needs represented here. Since then others have joined to support the work of taking the Gospel into this often forgotten area, though right in the backyard of the church. The current work involves Bible studies, Bible distribution, and other special programs. Abundant Grace Youth Ministries exists as a “home mission” organization to address the needs of troubled and at risk youth. While there are many wonderful organizations and agencies having a great influence in this area, we firmly believe it is The Church through which God will work to provide spiritual healing for the hopeless.

Please remember this ministry in prayer and consider contributing financially. Your support could make the difference.

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