Thanks for your interest! By way of introduction we are the Sellers family (Cody, Rebecca, Lana Kate, Laylee, and Laikynn). We are a Christian family in the Pentecostal Holiness tradition, and are members of Temple Calvary Holiness Church. We are blessed with a call to preach and teach and have a special burden for young people. In early 2018 we began volunteering at a local juvenile detention center, holding a monthly Bible study. This has been one of the greatest opportunities we have had to step outside our normal sphere of influence and try to reach souls. We have discovered that this is truly a field ripe for harvest. There are so many hurting young people who are in desperate need for someone to care for them. When you realize that there were over 6,000 youth admitted to state detention centers in 2017 in Georgia alone, we must ask the question, “What will the Church do to win these souls for Christ?” While it is difficult at times to look past the hard exterior of those who have already made bad decisions at such a young age, we believe that we have a God given duty to go to where they are and show them the love of Christ. So many times we are content to stay sheltered within our own churches, safe from opening ourselves to any one else’s problems, but I am convinced this is not God’s will for His Church! The Great Commission is unconventional, inconvenient, and uncomfortable but it is to be the heartbeat of every member of the body of Christ! Please pray for us as we labor in this often overlooked field.

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